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Performance Projects

Tatcho Drom is continually working on new songs, arrangement and composition, to keep up an exticing and varied concert repertoire.


For special occasions, e.g. themed festivals, parties and functions, Tatcho Drom has a variety of elaborate performance projects in their program, visually stunning with optional dancers. All shows can be adapted to different performance spaces, sizes and budgets.

Russian Gypsy Soul










A stunning show of traditional Romani Gypsy music and dance, from Russia and around, showcasing virtuosic music and fiery traditional Gypsy dance-art.


Well-loved Gypsy favourites and rare musical treasures in distinct arrangements with striking dance choreographies, bringing a little piece of Gypsy nostalgia and passion to the audience.


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Gypsy Fiddle Feast










A powerful performance brimming with colour, excitement and charisma.


Inspired by the ancient magic of Romany music* violin virtuoso Gundula Gruen has created an exuberant show in which the fire of Eastern European Gypsy music is brought to life with stirring arrangements and improvisations.


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Balkan Express










Tatcho's party repertorie from Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Songs and music with dancey rhythmns, though no electronic beats ! We work with our own energy, blood and sweat to provide a great vibrant party atmosphere.


The repertoire features the dance music and rhythmns of traditional rural Balkan weddings, Gypsy Romani festivities and the evergreens from Kustorica's movies. An optional Balkan-Belly dancer can join us.

Balkan Express