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Fraser Parry (cello) began receiving cello lessons from his father at the age of 8. He played with numerous bands, orchestras and ensembles throughout his teenage years in Glasgow, before studying music at the University of Sheffield, specialising in composition. He was first introduced to European Gypsy music after accidentally crowd-surfing his way to the front of a Goran Bregović performance at the Sziget Festival in Budapest.


In addition to Tatcho Drom, Fraser regularly performs live improvised scores for two improvisational theatre companies - Glitch the Improvised Puppet Show and Austentatious: An Improvised Jane Austen Novel. He also records and performs his own compositions under the name Bread and Circus.

Tatcho Drom perform as a line-up of 2 to 5 musicians. On occasion they work with selected guest musicians and dancers.

Gundula Gruen Gundula Gruen is a virtuoso violinist, singer and ethnomusicologist who has travelled extensively, researching Balkan Romany music and transcribing melodies that she learned first-hand from Romany and folk musicians.


Described by Songlines Magazine as ‘a shining star in the UK’s Balkan music scene’, her unique performance style showcases a technical ability acquired through intensive conservatoire training, an in-depth insight into the music traditions accomplished during her intense fieldwork trips for her recent MA, as well as her colourful and charismatic personality. Her arrangements and compositions, whilst drawing influence from her love and extensive knowledge of Romany Gypsy music, are original and highly personal.


Gundula formed Tatcho Drom in 2005 and has led the group ever since. In the past she was founder and director of the London Gypsy Orchestra for 10 years, and created numerous comprehensive arts and collaboration projects with Balkan Romani musicians and dancers. She has appeared on various radio and television stations including BBC Radio 6 Music, Channel 4's documentary 'How Music Works', the TRT (Turkish state Television) documentary 'Farkli Kutltur, Ayne Muzik' and more. More information at

Alexandar Ivanov was born in Rousse, Bulgaria. He began learning the accordion when he was 7 years old, developing an interest in folk music in his early teens. Later, he studied classical music and folklore at the prestigious Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Alex enjoys playing music from all genres, as long as it is inspiring and touches people’s hearts. In Bulgaria, he performed with various ensembles at weddings, christenings and other events as well as in restaurants. With his charismatic personality and exuberant virtuoso playing, he brings joyful energy and musicality to Tatcho Drom

Jeremy Halliwell (guitar) is a founder member of Tatcho Drom. He first learned acoustic guitar at age 12 and went on to study classical guitar and renaissance lute, whilst also playing Jacques Brel songs in a band with his older brother. He was a member of a classical guitar orchestra led by Tom Kerstens.


Jeremy was inspired to explore Eastern European and Romani music by artists such as Taraf de Haidouks and Trio Bulgarka. He has attended masterclasses and courses with Gypsy guitarists Benjamin Czureja and Olivier Kikteff.


Over the last 10 years he has pursued his interest in Eastern European folk music, performing with the London Gypsy Orchestra, The Magic Tombolinos, Delicatessen and the Trans Siberian March Band, in addition to Tatcho Drom.

Sass Hoory (percussion) graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Drums and Rhythm from the Academy of Contemporary music in 2004. He also has studied for several years under Zohar Fresco, one of the leading pioneers of rhythm today.


Since then, Sass has been a prominent teacher and player in the London music scene. He has played with artists such as Sahana Bajpaie (India), Peyman Heydarian (Iran), Near East Collective (Greece), 3YIN (Iraq) and Tacho Drom (Balkan Romani). He has also played on a number of feature films such as ‘The Dead’ and ‘Never Let Go’ and composed the theme to the popular Israeli comedy sitcom ‘Pini’. He founded ‘The Drummer Factory’ music school in London some 15 years ago, where he teaches students of all disciplines.


The Musicians:

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